The Mystery of Dreams: Understanding & Interpreting Dreams

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The Mystery of Dreams: Understanding & Interpreting Dreams

This exciting course teaches the fundamentals, elements, purpose and relevance of the mysterious realm of dreams.  You will learn how to interpret your own dreams, and understand how these occurrences can lead to a transformational and purpose-filled life.

What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn the skills and the "Know-How" of interpreting your own dreams
  • Understand and be able to distinguish between different types of dreams
  • Understand colors in dreams
  • Understand the hidden meanings, objects, animals and implications of specific aspects of dreams
  • Gain an understanding of what prophetic dreams are

Course Content

MOD – Mystery of Dreams Course Duration
Course Duration

  • Course Duration Guide (Mystery of Dreams – MOD)

Introduction – The Mystery of Dreams: Understanding and Interpreting Dreams
Course overview Course objectives and introduction of the Mystery of Dreams course.

Module 1 – Dreams: God’s Night Parables
This module explores the correlation between parables, the avenue of communication and the mysterious realm of dreams.

Module 2 – Why We Dream
This module explores the multiple purposes dreams serve. It analyzes the human spirit and its relevance in the mysterious realm of dreams. It explores how it becomes the conduit to receive dreams.

Module 3 – Dream Interpretation

Module 4 – Do Dreams Matter?
This module explores the relevance of dreams and analyzes the types of dreams.

Module 5 – Common Dream Types and Interpretations
This module outlines the common element occurrences and types of dreams many encounter. It provides interpretations within the context of these type of dreams.

Module 6 – The Significance of Colors
This module explores the significance of colors and summarizes key takeaways in understanding dreams.

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