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Skills Coach Academy and Sabina Coaches Academy (SCA), is a fusion of the best of both worlds in online learning and coaching! It is a one-stop shop to both learn and receive transformational coaching.
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Effective Coaching tools, materials and programs are available to each learner to attain clarity where needed, remain motivated, focused and fueled with purpose to attain desired goals.

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"There is nothing more priceless than learning, and nothing more beautiful than acquiring knowledge and understanding. It is something that can never be taken away from you".
- Dr. Sabina Prempeh-Arbuah (Certified Life Coach)

Here in SCA, we strive to provide popular, on demand courses and hot topics learners seek out. Courses vary from academic, life, spirituality and wellness courses and coaching programs among others.
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Dr. Sabina Prempeh – Arbuah is a Business Strategy & Certified Life Coach. She has over 20 years of advisory expertise in various capacities as an executive coach and business strategist. Sabina is also an Agile certified coach and thought leader and has led enterprise agile transformations in leading corporations in the United States.

She is an author, inspirational and a motivational speaker with speaking engagements at conferences both internationally and in the United States. Sabina is the Executive Producer and Host of The Dominion series; an inspirational and motivational program airing on Radio, TV, the SabinaMusic-DominionTV Youtube channel and on her social media platforms.

She is the CEO of Sabine Dupain Consults LLC; a business strategy, financial consulting and coaching firm. Since 2008, Sabina has been helping clients attain clarity, breakthrough obstacles holding them back in life, discover purpose and live at full potential through a journey of transformational change.

She has been featured on CBS, FOX, NBC, The US Times, Voyager ATL Trailblazers and other publications. She shares a message of hope and encouragement - embracing life in its fullness, weathering storms and living on purpose. Sabina is passionate about impacting lives. In her words she states "Your life re-imagined is the ultimate goal - you were made for more!"

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Skills Coach Academy (SCA), provides a holistic and simplistic approach to learning.
Our courses span all aspects of academics, technology, life skills and other general areas learners seek in today's ever-changing world. We showcase hot topic courses and subject matter areas to ensure learners remain challenged, adaptable and well informed and trained on new innovations and methodologies.

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Coach Sabina has a personality that one could easily warm to, she makes you feel comfortable and is very easy to talk to. She is a source of inspiration and motivation, and is one who always pushes others to fulfill their goals and overcome obstacles. She is highly recommended if you are in pursuit of transformational change - Satisfied Client, Maryland, U.S

Dr. Sabina cares deeply about people and she has always made herself available for when I needed guidance and insight. She ministers in such love and truth, and is an amazing example of what living a fulfilling and victorious life looks like. For me she has been a great role model, mentor and spiritual leader, I’m forever grateful to God for my connection with her!

I have been receiving mentorship and counseling from Dr. Sabina for a while now and it has been such a life changing experience for me. I’ve seen change and transformation in every area of my life from handling family and relationships, navigating school, figuring out my future plans and so much more. She has such impressive experience in that area and it has simply been amazing to have that insight into various areas including the music industry, business, finance, relationships. I’ve received countless revelations from God through her sessions especially when it comes to dreams. During the time she has taught me about dreams and how God speaks through them, I have received dreams often, almost daily and it has truly changed me forever!